Doctor’s Guide Publishing Limited


For nearly 35 years, over 1.5M physicians and healthcare professionals in 120 countries have engaged with services provided by Doctor's Guide Publishing Limited. Employing a host of digital and personal channels, including mobile apps, these services broaden clinical knowledge, alert physicians of findings and emergent medical information, allow healthcare leaders to share opinions in a closed community, and provide a peer-based learning environment. Doctor's Guide Publishing Limited is dedicated to supporting the medical community in providing best-in-class care to patients through effective communication of scientific evidence and individual practice experience.

Doctor’s Guide Publishing Limited offers services under the following service marks:
  • DG Alerts
  • DG Apps
  • DG Nota Bene
  • DG Quiz
HAB Central
  • HAB Central
  • HAB Community
  • What Side Are You On?
NTK Watch
  • NTK Case
  • NTK Poll
  • NTK Select
  • NTK Watch